Hi there.

My name is Gustavo Panichi. I'm a 32 year old Art Director based in Brazil, with a passion for bold - yet simple - ideas.

I graduated in Communications at PUCRS in 2006, and since then I attended several creative courses and workshops at Perestroika Creative School and Playground Asia, in Bangkok.

In 2011 I lived in Thailand for a while, where I worked as a creative at TYDiS - a digital agency under the creative direction of the american Graham Painter. While there, I also attended the aforementioned creative course/adventure, ministered by Graham himself.

Here's my experience so far:

W3Haus (current)
TYDiS (Bangkok, Thailand)
Martins + Andrade Comunicações
Paim Comunicação


Aside from that, I am a huge sports enthusiast. I love to exercise and play all sorts of outdoor sports. I'm also an amateur woodworker and dog whisperer - no joke.

If you got interested enough and want to know more about me, please, dare to ask. 😊