My name is Gustavo Panichi, but people usually call me by my last name.
I have 15+ years of experience working as an art director and graphic designer, having worked in Advertising Agencies, Digital Agencies and Design Studios in Brazil, Thailand and USA.
Some brands I’ve worked with include Adidas, Amazon, Red Bull, Netflix, Facebook, Google, Samsung, Budweiser, Red Bull, EA, Blizzard, Ubisoft, Capcom, Twitch, HBO, Mondelez, Zedd, Tiësto, Avon, Gillette, and many more.
I’m currently based in Lisbon, Portugal, where I’m also attending a Masters Degree in Communication Science.
Currently available for freelance work, either remote or local (Europe).

My name is also Gustavo Panichi 🤦.
I love living near the water 🌊, that’s why I decided to live in Lisbon, near the river Tejo.
My passions include working out 💪and sports ⚽. Also dogs 🐶 – even though I’m not a pet owner at the moment 😔.
I’m a very chilled ✌️ but driven person 🤔, and I have an almost pathological love for dad jokes and coffee ☕. Feel free to invite me to either one of those anytime 🤙.